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Listen HERE to Training Director Pari Karim speak with Sasha-Ann Simons at WBEZ about difficult conversations on 11-24-21!

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Watch this video to hear about how CCR can help people in the city of Chicago and beyond with landlord-tenant issues! (Jump ahead to 1:10 to hear about CCR!)

Check out this guest essay in the New York Times about the importance of eviction diversion programs. Chicago is highlighted as a success story!


Who We Are

CCR provides free mediation services to people in conflict and offers trainings in mediation skills as well as customizable conflict management workshops.


CCR prides itself on continuously developing and expanding opportunities to build community and strengthen the justice system through the resolution of everyday conflicts.

Flexible, free services, provided by committed staff and volunteers continue to improve the lives of thousands of people each year who are able to participate in mediation as a way to resolve their dispute.


CCR is proud to provide free mediation services at sites located throughout Cook County.


Through the Small Claims and Eviction Mediation Program CCR provides free, on-site mediation services

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The Center for Conflict Resolution (CCR) prides itself on continuously developing and expanding opportunities...

Center for Conflict Resolution

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The Center for Conflict Resolution training programs focus on the conceptual and practical knowledge in the field...

Center for Conflict Resolution

Volunteering at CCR

Volunteer mediators at the Center for Conflict Resolution (CCR) are at the core of our mission and are at the forefront of practice in the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) field. At CCR, volunteers have a unique opportunity to mediate a wide range of high conflict, high emotion disputes with diverse parties. There are several ways to volunteer at the Center for Conflict Resolution. Learn how to today!


This video describes the mediation services offered by the Center for Conflict Resolution (CCR), and highlights the story of clients who used CCR's services to resolve a parenting dispute. Also included is commentary from judges who refer cases to CCR, CCR volunteers, Board and staff members.


Sergio and his mother Carla came to mediation at CCR after Sergio was arrested for battery for having a disagreement with, and shoving, a friend. Sergio was arrested and giving a week’s suspension from school. Sergio’s case was referred for mediation with CCR. His friend declined to participate in the mediation and so a family mediation was held for Sergio and his mother, Carla.


Through a guided conversation, the mediator was able to find common ground between Sergio and Carla, as well as help them recognize ways to improve their relationship. Both Sergio and Carla agreed that work and school were the most important things for Sergio to concentrate on, and that fighting with classmates would only distract Sergio from his goals.


During a private conversation with the mediator, Carla teared up when she explained that she had left Sergio with his grandparents in Mexico for the first 10 years of his life while she worked to establish herself in the US. She was concerned Sergio didn’t understand how she saw their time apart as an important sacrifice she needed to make to ensure a better opportunity for him. She was worried because Sergio has started to lie to her occasionally about his whereabouts.


When the mediator met with Sergio, they discussed the fact that Carla has many rules she expects Sergio to follow. Sergio explained that he had learned from his mistake and wants to follow his mother’s rules, but he would also like to have some more independence to spend time with his friends.


Through mediation, Sergio and Carla were able to have a conversation about tough topics in a safe, neutral space, and develop solutions that worked for them. They spoke about Sergio’s time in Mexico: this discussion allowed Sergio to express that he appreciated the sacrifice that Carla made, and that it was also important to him to continue his close ties with his grandparents in Mexico. Sergio asked for Carla’s support in making regular visits, and she agreed. Carla also agreed to give permission for Sergio to spend time with his friends, as long as he updates her with his whereabouts via text so she will not worry. They both agreed that they would continue to work to improve their communication and trust, and were happy to have a plan to move them forward.

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