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CCR Core Values

1. Commitment to Serving the Community

  • Apply consistency and clarity in message and practice

  • Be responsive

  • Exhibit flexibility and resiliency


2. Collaborative Spirit

  • Engage and involve one another

  • Celebrate each others’ successes

  • Pitch in and find ways to contribute

  • Give and receive constructive feedback

3. Inclusivity

  • Value individual differences

  • Create space for new and different ideas

  • Exhibit transparent communication and understanding

4. Strive for Personal Best

  • Continuously learn and improve

  • Take responsibility

  • Think outside the box

5. Inspire Growth and Success

  • Support and encourage each other

  • Embrace and learn from challenges


What Are Core Values?


Core values are a set of beliefs that enable an organization to function at its highest level, and are shown through behaviors that members are expected to exhibit and practice. Core values apply internally and externally, governing staff and volunteer interactions, organizational decision-making, and CCR’s relationships with its clients and stakeholders. CCR’s core values will also help educate the public about the organization.

Cozy Living Room

Denise left her mother Sharon’s home because they couldn’t stop arguing with one another. A social worker referred Denise and Sharon to mediation.


At the beginning of the mediation, their conversation repeatedly escalated into a shouting match. The mediator quickly realized that the mother and daughter needed a strategy to communicate in order for the mediation to continue. The mediator helped them set ground rules for respectful communication, and they were able to talk about what had been straining their relationship.


Denise and Sharon ultimately agreed on a set of expectations for living together, with obligations on both sides. They left the mediation in good spirits, ready to share a home again.

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