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Programs & Statistics

CCR has expanded services, increased collaboration efforts with courts and schools to provide quality mediation services that reach across Chicagoland.


Please see below for statistics and more information about our Court-Based and Specialized programs.


In many cases, CCR mediators are on-site at courthouses throughout Cook County. Clients may request mediation by speaking with the clerk or judge.

Court-based mediation takes place in small claims and evictions courtrooms in the following locations: Daley Center, Skokie, Rolling Meadows, Maywood, Bridgeview, Markham. 


  • In FY 2018, CCR opened 1,500 mediation cases

  • In FY 2018, CCR mediated over 200 housing-related cases, working with landlords and tenants to avoid eviction.

“ I would use mediation again. It was informative, and the mediator was excellent. We were able to talk things out rationally. My anger diminished, and I was able to look at things in a different way. It took lots of hard work, but we reached an agreement!” — Mediation participant

​“ Money is often just one of several underlying concerns that parties have in a given conflict. In my experience, people have been able to reach meaningful and sustainable agreements only by fully satisfying all of their interests, many of which are non-monetary.” — Audrey Lee, Volunteer Mediator


CCR provides services in all of the following types of disputes:

  • Parenting (parenting time/decision-making; financial matters)

  • Adult and Minor Guardianship

  • Small Claims

  • Eviction

  • Juvenile Victim-Offender and Family

  • Neighbor/Community Group

  • Nonprofit

  • Small Business/Better Business Bureau/Consumer

  • Attorney Fee

  • Chancery

  • Law Division

  • Stalking/No Contact

  • Issues of Community or Public Concern

Anyone can bring a case to mediation


Please contact our case management team at 312-922-6464 x222 or [email protected] if you'd like to open a mediation case.


Stephen was referred for family mediation after entering a stolen car and attempting to escape the police, injuring himself badly in the process.


In the mediation, Stephen’s mother shared how scared and frustrated she felt driving between hospitals and police precincts trying to find her son. She told Stephen that she was worried his behavior might negatively impact his younger siblings.


By the end of the conversation, Stephen agreed that he would not get into any more stolen cars. The mediator helped Stephen and his mother create a plan to rebuild trust.

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