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Facilitation and Consulting

CCR has worked with dozens of government agencies, businesses and not-for-profit organizations to create conflict resolution programs.

For organizations and institutions that deal with conflict on a regular basis, CCR offers expertise to help design and implement efficient and effective ways to manage conflict. CCR helps organizations clarify goals, analyze current procedures, and translate innovative dispute resolution ideas into standard operating procedures.


  • Are your meetings lacking productivity?

  • Are organizational decisions being made but no action taken?

  • Are people leaving your meetings upset with each other or so frustrated that they are not even attending?

If so, CCR can provide you with a trained, impartial facilitator to assist in making your organization's next meeting more valuable.

CCR has guided condominium associations, school boards, not-for-profit organizations, neighborhood groups, employee teams, businesses, and churches through their difficult conversations.

The facilitator uses his or her communication skills to encourage constructive participation among all members of the group. CCR facilitators stimulate creativity, assist in problem solving and help in the decision-making process. Additionally, the facilitator will prepare the group for the meeting and assist in designing the agenda.

Please contact the Center for Conflict Resolution for further information about these services.

Anyone can bring a case to mediation!


Please contact our case management team at 312-922-6464 extension 222 or [email protected] if you'd like to open a mediation case.

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