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Due to COVID-19, CCR staff is currently working remotely on new and active cases. CCR offers both mediation and interactive training services via Zoom.

Contact us to request mediation or training services here.


CCR Updates

CCR is so grateful to the incredible volunteers who make our work possible. Please enjoy these photos from our 2022 Volunteer Appreciation Party. Thank you to everyone who attended!

The Power of Tenant-Landlord Mediation

Watch this video to hear about how CCR can help people in the city of Chicago and beyond with tenant-landlord issues (jump ahead to 1:10 to hear about CCR)!

Chicago is also highlighted as a success story in this New York Times guest essay about the importance of eviction diversion programs.


Who We Are

CCR provides free mediation services to people in conflict and offers trainings in mediation skills as well as customizable conflict management workshops.


CCR prides itself on continuously developing and expanding opportunities to build community and strengthen the justice system through the resolution of everyday conflicts.

Flexible, free services, provided by committed staff and volunteers continue to improve the lives of thousands of people each year who are able to participate in mediation as a way to resolve their dispute.


CCR is proud to provide free mediation services at sites located throughout Cook County.


Through the Small Claims and Eviction Mediation Program CCR provides free, on-site mediation services</