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Customized Workshops and Specialized Trainings

CCR offers a wide variety of workshops and specialized trainings. Each workshop is customized to meet the needs of your group or organization. CCR is happy to create the perfect workshop to enhance your team's skills in:

▪ Interest-based Negotiation
▪ Conflict Management
▪ Mediation
▪ Mediation Advocacy
▪ Settlement Skills
▪ Problem-solving and
Generating Options

▪ Communications

▪ Reality Testing
▪ Framing Issues
▪ Impasse Breaking
▪ Handling Emotionally Charged
▪ Team-Building

Workshops can be delivered in various formats from 1-hour to full-day or multi-day workshops. 


To schedule a workshop or discuss continuing education credits, please contact the Training Department at or 312.922.6464 ext 215.



This workshop is designed to provide information to attorneys on how to effectively represent a client in mediation. The session will cover understanding the mediation process, how to prepare for it and best capitalize on its potential benefits. 
TIME: 1/2 day - 2 days


This workshop provides individuals an introduction to the mediation process and how the process can assist individuals in resolving their disputes.  Participants will watch a variety of mediation examples and explore the logistics of scheduling a mediation, including how to find a mediator and what to expect during the mediation. 

TIME: 1 - 4 hours


This workshop features the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI), an assessment tool that explores five basic conflict-handling modes. Individuals will have the chance to complete a conflict mode assessment to gain awareness of their conflict-handling style and how it compares to others. No one style is highlighted as better or worse  instead participants will explore how the overuse and underuse of each style can impact effective communication and problem-solving in the face of conflict. This session can also be incorporated into other workshops. 

TIME: 1 - 6 hours


CCR also provides conflict management workshops to teach individuals and organizations skills for interpersonal disputes without the aid of a third party neutral. While the mediation training focuses on learning skills to act as a neutral third party assisting others in a dispute, this training focuses on the skills designed to assist individuals to negotiate their own disputes. Trainees learn both how to negotiate with others to create more durable and meaningful resolutions, and how to more effectively communicate with others in order to decrease instances of disputes themselves.


This workshop can be customized to focus on workplace conflict management. It is an excellent survey of topics in interpersonal conflict management and is CCR's most popular workshop.

TIME: 1/2 day - 2 days

​WIN-WIN WITHOUT GIVING IN: Mediation Skills for Lawyers

In this workshop, experienced attorney-mediators from the Center for Conflict Resolution will share with participants the approaches and strategies that mediators regularly use to effectively resolve disputes, and how lawyers can benefit from implementing these same approaches in their everyday practice of law. Through dynamic discussion and interactive exercises, participants in this session will gain an understanding of interest-based problem-solving and other techniques to enhance their success as negotiators, advocates, and counselors. This session has been approved for 4 hours of MCLE Professionalism credit. 

TIME: 1.5 - 4 hours

CCR frequently partners with nonprofit organizations in pursuing grant funding for workshops and trainings. Nonprofit organizations that are interested in partnering for training grants should contact Jenna Silver at [email protected]

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