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Finance & Operations Manager

Job Title: Finance & Operations Manager

Reports To: Deputy Executive Director

Date:  March 2023



The Finance & Operations Manager is responsible for completing the essential functions related to office operations, IT management, financial administration and HR administration. Through operations management and process improvement, the Finance & Operations Manager ensures efficient processes, policies, and systems that allow team members to operate in their roles effectively and smoothly.


HR Administration


  • Manages HR-related needs for all W2 employees and 1099 contracts

  • Assists with the recruiting of new employees by posting jobs and conducting interviews

  • Oversees the onboarding processes for new employees, including setting up the new employee in all systems

  • Manages employee benefits and ensures compliance with local, state, and federal regulations

  • Assists in the review and updating of human resources policies and procedures and maintaining the employee handbook

  • Supports Deputy Executive Director on HR-related research and issues

  • Completes activities to ensure the proper payment of employees, including tracking salaries, running payroll, recording employee vacation time, and monitoring comp time hours

  • Coordinates with payroll services on employee payroll issues and records appropriate information in accounting software

  • Maintains employee records


IT Management


  • Manages all office computers, the server, and other tech equipment

  • Completes the equipment and software setup for new team members, including their computer, phone, email address, and software needs

  • Manages the database system and maintains solid database management practices

  • Leads the technical troubleshooting for IT-related needs and acts as the liaison with the IT consultant for advanced issues

  • Manages the organization’s website

  • Oversees the organization’s software licenses by completing renewals, identifying non-profit discounts, and evaluating needs to ensure efficient work operations




  • Organizes the office and backend operations to ensure it runs smoothly

  • Assists Deputy Executive Director in managing building, postal, telecommunications, and other services

  • Purchases and maintains office equipment

  • Assists Deputy Executive Director in researching, selecting and managing vendors

  • Ensures office space is clean, prepared, and stocked for events and visits




  • Manages payroll service, including reimbursements for expenses

  • Manages CCR income and expenses by completing account reconciliation, paying bills, and overseeing all deposit related activities

  • Monitors all bank account activity and makes changes as necessary




Competencies include:

  • Operates both autonomously and collaboratively to ensure organizational effectiveness

  • Sees both the big picture and the small details and understands how each impacts the mission and its strategic goals

  • Acts proactively and can identify risks before they become problems and take advantage of opportunities

  • Exemplary strategic thinking and problem-solving skills with the ability to prioritize based on the mission and the organization’s immediate and long-term needs

  • Strong communication skills that make others feel heard and supported

  • Builds rapport and collaborates with CCR team members, partners, volunteers, and board members

  • Can identify and drive process improvement activities that lead to operations efficiencies 

  • Is highly organized and detail-oriented

  • Understands facility management and office technology



  • Minimum bachelor’s degree

  • 3+ years of experience with a non-profit

  • Experience with HR and database platforms

  • Non-profit or business operations management experience

  • HR experience within a small company or non-profit

  • Demonstrated tech management and troubleshooting skills


Hours, Benefits, and Salary: This is a full-time position with benefits. Salary $50-60K/year.


How to Apply: E-mail a cover letter and résumé to the attention of Whitney Trumble, Deputy Executive Director, at [email protected].




Deadline to Apply: March 20, 2023


CCR is an Equal Opportunity Employer


The Center for Conflict Resolution is an equal opportunity service provider that values the richness of Chicagoland’s diverse communities and emphasizes inclusiveness. The Center provides our client base with quality mediation services regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, class or socioeconomic status, age, religion, national origin, disability, professional background or other characteristics. We strive to reflect the diverse communities we serve in our staff, our board and our volunteers.

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