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Can a Guard Dog serve the purpose of an ESA? Guide

The most common emotional support animals?

The animal which is most frequently kept as a pet or an ESA is the dog. It is considered one of the most loyal species on the face of the planet. The relationship which a person develops with their dog is priceless. Many people around the United States register their dogs through the emotional support animal letter to make sure that their pet lives with them forever. Dogs are also used to guard a person’s property or house. People keep different breeds of guard dogs to keep themselves secure from potential attacks.

How to obtain an ESA letter?

To get an ESA letter the person has to show that they are going through mental stress and problems. Once it is medically proved that the person is suffering from mental illness their therapist has to certify that the individual qualifies for having an emotional support animal. There is no need for a separate esa letter for housing if you wish to keep your animals in your house. The law only requires an ESA letter which allows you to take along your animals anywhere you want to. As science has already proved that emotional support can help in reducing mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, and stress The recent studies show that emotional support is not restricted to other humans instead animals can also be used to relieve stress from their owners.

Why are dogs the best Emotional Support Animals?

Dogs are one of the most loyal creatures on this planet. They live to serve their owners and are ready to give up their lives for protecting the lives of their owners. Dogs are also considered to be extremely intelligent and loving. People have now extensively used these animals to guard themselves. Some of the common breeds which are used as guard dogs include German Shepherds, Doberman, and Rottweilers. The trend of registering these guard dogs as emotional support animals has also increased in the past. An esa letter is required to convert the status of these guard dogs to emotional support animals. Studies have shown that people who are dog owners are less stressed because they are kept busy by their dogs. They help in diverting their attention from problematic issues and make them feel happier. This is why people have started believing that even guard dogs can serve as emotional support animals.

But as discussed earlier you need an emotional support dog letter to keep a dog as an ESA.

Best guard dog breeds that can also be used as emotional support animals:

German shepherd

This breed of dogs is considered the most intelligent and loyal out of all others. Along with the owner, these dogs are also loyal to the family of their owners. The duty of these dogs has been changed in the recent past and now they are also kept as emotional support animals. They have all the qualities of an ESA and the owners state that they provide several mental health benefits to them. People who keep German shepherds also state that they have an intelligent and loyal companion with them at all times. This dog also likes spending time outdoors hence it forces its owners to do physical activity which keeps them mentally healthy. The best thing about this dog is that along with being loyal and intelligent it is believed to be one of the best guard dogs in the world


This is another breed of dogs that are considered vicious guard dogs that can give up its life for the owner. Just like the German shepherd this breed has also been kept as emotional support animals in the recent past and has proved to lower the levels of stress and anxiety in their owners.

If you are still wondering how to get an esa letter online then get assistance from an expert

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