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He angrily replied, “I’ve never played more perfectly; I’m at the top of my game.” He then told a long, angry, self-pitying story about rotten cards, incompetent dealers, and idiotic players He was soon broke, trying to borrow a stake. His pattern is extremely common. Countless players say, “I’ve been running bad,” but only a handful say, “I’ve been playing badly.”

Your Motives

Losers often pretend they are acting rationally—i.e., trying to increase their profits—when they are really expressing anger, responding to fears, trying to prove something, or impress other people.

Winners often ask themselves: Why did I do that? They know that anger, other emotions, or irrational motives can cause mistakes. If they see that irrational factors are harming their play, they take a break or go home.

Feedback from Other People

Many winners get feedback from one or more sources: Internet forums, discussion groups, personal coaches, and poker buddies. Since pages 23–98 of Your Best Poker Friend discussed these sources, I will just say that anyone who does not get and pay careful attention to feedback from other people is very foolish.


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