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Common mistakes to avoid if you want to ride an electric skateboard

Nowadays, e-board is quite popular with young people and is one of the adventure sports no less than other sports. But still, a lot of people are passionate about this sport and they start practicing on their own.

So are you, right?

But surely you also know that playing this sport contains many potential dangers. I don't expect that to happen to you but you might get hurt. So you should consult eSkateBuddy on how to avoid common mistakes when riding an electric skateboard.

And these are the mistakes you often make:

1. Not reading basic instructions.

The practice goes hand in hand with the theory. You should equip yourself with sufficient knowledge before starting a job. And so is the e-board. Do not be subjective and start learning skateboarding without any experience. If you read the manual, there is what you can and can not do with a basic understanding of electric skateboarding. We often overlook basic and boring things like reading books but it is necessary because so many people do it wrong without knowing where they are going wrong. For instance, there are a few things you need to pay attention to in the manual such as trigger setting, speed limit, wheel settings, and dead man switch.

2. Problem with tires, belts, and bushings.

Many individuals keep their wheels overly flat, which slows them down and the mileage isn't as great as a new one. You will also experience overheating when the tires are flat and the belts are stretched if they are tightened too much. Adjust the nuts to just tight enough. To gain riding stability, you need practice to build your skill level. If you want to create stability when using the e-board, do not tighten the kingpin nuts until the bushing is inflated. Check read the articles eSkateBuddy on Myanimelist for other solutions to this problem.

3. Incorrect foot placement

Surely you have also made this mistake, right? Two feet in the middle of the board, legs wide apart, knees slightly bent. The closer your front foot is to the front truck, the more control you have over your board. Keep your shoulders and back straight, eyes forward

Legs wide apart, knees slightly bent, two feet in the center of the board. You have better control over your board if your front foot is near the front truck. Keep your back and shoulders straight, look forward.

4. Problem with trigger reset

When your controller is bumped or dropped a lot, small components will be affected and this program may be lost. You can find calibration instructions on the manufacturer's manual or query it on a search engine to enable reset to reset the remote to factory settings.

5. Wrong carving

Racers frequently make the error of not maintaining a steady speed throughout the race. Set your preferred riding mode and remember to maintain your body stable on the e-board the whole time you carve.

Aside from that, there are a few additional frequent blunders to avoid:

  • Allowing your e-board to overheat on a regular basis is not a good idea.

  • When you are not using your e-board for an extended period of time, keep the battery at 30-50 percent charged.

  • Don't leave your esk8 in the car at all times.

  • If the weather is bad, don't leave your electronic board outside.

You may also read additional articles about Tips and Tutorials at eSkatebuddy on Klix, which I mentioned earlier.

So, those were some of the most important safety recommendations for riding an electric skateboard and avoiding injury. 'Safety demonstrates class when driving' concludes by e-board Reviewer.

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