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das-c01 dumps Create a separate bucket for the HR and advertising information. Assign suitable permissions so the customers will simplest see their corresponding datasets. d) Create the advertising and HR customers in Apache Ranger. Create separate guidelines that permits get admission to to the consumer's corresponding desk simplest. Configure Presto to apply Apache Ranger and the AWS Glue Data Catalog because the Apache Hive metastore. 02. A organization ingests a massive set of clickstream information in nested JSON layout from special reassets and shops it in Amazon S3. Data analysts want to research this information in aggregate with information saved in an Amazon Redshift cluster. Data analysts need to construct a price-powerful and automatic answer for this want. Which answer meets those necessities? a) Use Apache Spark SQL on Amazon EMR to transform the clickstream information to a tabular layout. Use the Amazon Redshift COPY command to load the information into the Amazon


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